Pet Lovers

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

For any pet lover, their dog or cats are their companions and constant support. Think you're a pet lover? keep reading to know if you actually are one.

As human, all we're looking for is companionship. We want to understand and be understood. We're searching for meaningful relationships and everlasting bonds. And one of the strongest bonds in this world is human-animal bond.

That is why many of us keep dogs, cats, or animals as pets, and love them with all our hearts. Well, not everybody exactly.

You see, the term 'pet lover' is casually thrown around these days. Everyone in today's day and age seems to be a self-proclaimed pet-lover. However, a large number of these individuals are merely pet owners. So what's the different exactly? let's find out.

Pet owners are people who own pet like a dog or a cat. For them, their pet is the most adorable. But that's not the case with pet lovers. So who is a pet lover then?

To put it plainly, pet lovers are people who not only love their pets but animals in general. However, don't be mistaken.

It's not like they love their pets any less, but they have enough space in their hearts to love all animals and pets. In that sense, a pet lover is a much broader term when compared to a pet owner.

Moreover, pet lovers are also excessively committed as people. Owning and unconditionally loving a dog or a cat requires extreme patience and resilience. It also requires one to compromise and teaches one the art of sacrificing.

Also known as Zoophilists, pet lovers genuinely enjoy taking care of their cats and dogs. They don't see it as a responsibility. They ensure that their pet dog gets the right care and wouldn't settle for anything substandard. Additionally, they're as excited to shop for their cat or dog as they're for themselves.

As someone who's responsible for the life of another living creature, it's vital to take care of not only the physical but mental health of pets. They ensure their dog gets enough outdoor fun, or their cat is feeling cheerful.

So when life gives you pawdorable dogs and mewow cats, be a pet lover, and not merely a pet owner.

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